Public Sector Accounting Forum

The Public Sector Accounting Forum (the Forum) is administered by the Secretariat of the ASB.

The objective of the Forum is to (a) share developments in accounting and reporting both locally and internationally; and (b) discuss issues related to financial accounting and reporting in the South African public sector in the context of the Standards of GRAP issued by the ASB; and “generally recognised accounting practice” as determined by the National Treasury for entities which currently do not apply Standards of GRAP.

The issues discussed by the Forum are of reasonably widespread importance and not only of concern to one or a limited group of entities.

Any transaction or event specific issues, or issues that have resulted, or may result, in a difference of opinion between auditors and auditees will not be discussed.

The Forum is open to all those interested in public sector financial accounting and reporting.

All members participate in the Forum in their personal capacities and are not purported to represent or convey the views of their representative organisations and/or employers.

The Forum meets monthly however this may be varied during peak and off-peak periods during the year and will be based on members’ needs. Due to the nature of the Forum and venue capacity, the numbers of members at the meeting are kept to a reasonable size.

Wherever possible, organisations should limit the number of representatives at meetings to one representative.

Should you wish to be a member of the Forum, you are kindly requested to send an email to

The Terms of Reference provides detailed information about the types of issues that may be discussed, membership as well as other administrative matters.

Access to minutes and other summaries of the discussions are confidential and will only be provided to members of the Forum.