Submissions to IPSASB and other organisations

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YearDescription and Link
2024Comment on Amendments to Consider IFRIC Interpretations (ED 89)
2024Comment on Arrangements Conveying Rights Over Assets (Amendments to IPSAS 47 and IPSAS 48) (ED 88)
2024Comment on Exploration for and Evaluation of Mineral Resources(ED 86) and Stripping Cost in the Production of a Surface mine(Amendments to IPSAS 12) (ED 87)
2024Comment on Exposure Draft on Strategy and Work Program 2024 - 2028 Consultation
2023Comment on Exposure Draft on Proposed Improvements to IPSAS, 2023 (ED 85)
2023Comment on Exposure Draft on Proposed changes to International Valuation Standards
2023Comment on Exposure Draft 84 on Concessionary Leases And Right-Of-Use Assets In-Kind (Amendments to IPSAS 43 and IPSAS 23)
2023Comment on Exposure Draft 83 on Reporting Sustainability Programme Information – RPGS 1 and 3: Additional Non-Authoritative Guidance
2022Comment on Natural Resources
2022Comment on Consultation Paper on Advancing Public Sector Sustainability Reporting
2022Comment on ED 81 The IPSASB’s Proposed Conceptual Framework Update: Chapter 3, Qualitative Characteristics And Chapter 5, Elements in Financial Statements
2021Comment on The IPSASB’s Mid-Period Work Program Consultation
2021Comment on The IASB's Regulatory Assets And Regulatory Liabilities
2021Comment on ED 80 Improvements to IPSAS, 2021
2021Comment on ED 79 Non-current Assets held for Sale and Discontinued Operations
2021Comment on ED 78 Property, Plant and Equipment
2021Comment on ED 77 Measurement
2021Comment on ED 76 Conceptual Framework update: Chapter 7, Measurement of Assets and Liabilities in Financial Statements
2021Comment on Request for Information Concessionary Leases and Other Arrangements Similar to Leases
2021Comment on ED 75 Leases
2021Comment on ED 74 on Borrowing Cost
2020Comment on ED 72 on Transfer Expenses
2020Comment on ED 71 on Revenue without Performance Obligations
2020Comment on ED 70 on Revenue with Performance Obligations
2020Comments to the PIC on the Oversight Arrangements of the IPSASB
2019Comment on ED 68 on Improvements to IPSAS,2019
2019Comment to the IPSASB on the Consultation Paper on Measurement
2019Comment on ED 67 Collective and Individual Services and Emergency Relief
2018Comment on ED 66 Long-Term in Associates and Joint Ventures
2018Comment on ED 65 improvements to IPSAS – July 2018
2018Comment on the IPSASB’s Exposure Draft on Leases – June 2018
2018Comment on the IPSASB’s Exposure Draft on Strategic and WorkPlan – June 2018
2018Comment on the IPSASB’s Exposure Draft on Social Benefits – March 2018
2017 Comment letter on IPSASB’s Exposure Draft on Financial Instruments
2017Comment letter on IPSASB’s Exposure Draft on Accounting for Revenue and Non- Exchange Expeneses