Presentations for Exposure Drafts

Title Presentation
ED 177 - Proposed Transitional Provisions for GRAP 104Click Here
ED 176 - Proposed improvements to standards of GRAPClick Here
ED 175 - MeasurementClick Here
ED 174 - The Application of Standards of GRAPClick Here
ED 173 - ED 67 Collective and Individual Services and Emergency Relief Click Here
ED 172 - Transitional Provisions for CET collegesClick Here
ED 171 - Consultation on work programme 2021 to 2023Click Here
ED 168 and ED 169Click Here
ED 167 - IPSASB Exposure Draft on Revisions to Financial InstrumentsClick Here
ED 166 - Accounting for Landfill SitesClick Here
ED 164 and ED 165 - Adjustments to RevenueClick Here
ED 163 - IPSASB's Exposure Draft on Improvements to IPSAS 2018Click Here
ED 162 - IPSASB Exposure Drafts on Strategy and work planClick Here
ED 161 - LeasesClick Here
ED 160 - Social BenefitsClick Here
ED 151 - Proposed IGRAP on Recognition and Derecogntion of LandClick Here
ED 149 - Proposed Conceptual Framework for General Purpose Financial ReportingClick Here
ED 144 to 148 - Interest in other enities Click Here
ED 143 - Living and Non-living ResourcesClick Here
ED 141 - Employee BenefitsClick Here
ED 138 - Identifying projects to prioritise on the ASB's work programmeClick Here
ED 137 - IPSASB Exposure Draft on Improvements to IPSASs 2015Click Here
ED 136 - IPSASB Exposure Draft on Impairment of Revalued AssetsClick Here
ED 132 - IPSASB's Consultation Paper on Social BenefitsClick Here
ED 131 - IPSASB Exposure Draft on The Applicability of IPSASsClick Here

Presentations for Pronouncements

Reporting information to the publicClick Here
GRAP UpdateClick Here
GRAP 110 - Living and Non-living ResourcesClick Here
GRAP 109 - Accounting by Principals and AgentsClick Here
GRAP 108 - Statutory ReceivablesClick Here
GRAP 32 - Service Consessions Arragements including IGRAP 17 - Service Concession ArrangementsClick Here
GRAP 18 - Segment ReportingClick Here
IGRAP 19 - Liabilities to pay LeviesClick Here
Guideline on Accounting for Arrangements Undertaken in Terms of the National Housing Programme Click Here
Improvements to the Standards of GRAP (2016) Click Here
IGRAP 18 - Recognition and Derecognition of Land Click Here

Other Presentations

Title Presentation
Covid-19Click Here
Improving the quality of financial statementsClick Here
Setting Accounting Standards in the South African Public Sector Click Here
Update on latest Pronouncements approved by ASB Click Here
Update on ASB activities Click Here
Africas readiness to adopt IPSAS Click Here
Information Sharing Session Click Here
Meeting with FRSC Click Here
Update and Consultation on Standards of GRAP Click Here
The South African Experience Adaptation versus Adoption Click Here
First time adoption of Accrual Basis IPSASs Click Here
Adoption of IPSASs - Isues for Consideration arising from South African Experience Click Here
Update and Consultation on Standards of GRAP Click Here
Evolution of reporting in South African Public Sector Click Here
Municipal CFO Forum Click Here
PAG Forum- Update on ASB Activities Click Here
Accounting Update (Saica Webinar) Click Here
What do Financial Statements mean when they prepared using Standards of GRAP Click Here
Standards of GRAP - An evolutionary landscape Click Here
Consultation Session with SALGA Click Here
Overview of the IPSASB and adoption of IPSASs Click Here
Adoption of IPSASs (A South African experience) Click Here
IPSAS 33, First time adoption of Acrual basis IPSASs Click Here
IPSAS implementation experience : Global Experience Click Here