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Meet the ASB Board – Ms. Willemina de JagerJuly 2024
Meet the ASB Board – Mr. Sandiso GcwabeJuly 2024
Message from the CEO – Keynote address to ICAB – Will accountants survive the digital revolution?July 2024
Message from the CEO – If we want change, we need to do moreJune 2024
Message from the CEO - Sometimes, no one wins May 2024
Message from the CEO – Do we need sustainability reporting in the South African public sector? April 2024
Do you know when to recognise and how to initially measure statutory receivables?March 2024
Charting the course: A preview of key initiatives by the Accounting Standards Board in 2024February 2024
Message from the CEO – In 2024, #voteforchangeJanuary 2024
Message from the CEO - Can accounting standards help SA’s budget crisis? November 2023
Message from the CEO - Accounting, ethics, and the fight against corruptionOctober 2023
Message from the CEO - Why government needs to account for its assetsSeptember 2023
Message from the CEO - The ladies in leadership at the ASBAugust 2023
Message from the CEO: What the financial statements say – or not – about fraud and corruptionJuly 2023
Message from the CEO – It’s never too late to fall in love with financial instrumentsJune 2023
Message from the CEO – Don’t discount your discount ratesMay 2023
Message from the CEO – Don’t forget to breatheApril 2023
Message from the CEO - From compliance to integrationMarch 2023
Message from the CEO – When the World is in Crisis, Accounting is More Important Than EverFebruary 2023
Message from Mrs Shereen PeterJanuary 2023
What’s new at ASB?January 2023
Message from the CEO - ASB practicing what it preaches by publishing simple, understandable financial statementsNovember 2022
Message from the CEO - "The Old Man from Rondeval"October 2022
Message from the CEO - If you fail to plan, you are planning to failSeptember 2022
Message from the CEO - Ladies leading the way at ASBAugust 2022
Message from the CEO – Is the public sector ready for the sustainability reporting?July 2022
Message from the CEO - The problem with assetsJune 2022
Substance over form – when to apply it?May 2022
GRAP Reporting Framework for 2021/22 – what changed?April 2022
When accounting and ethics collideMarch 2022
Why are we forgetting to apply the basic accounting principle of substance over reform?February 2022
How does the ASB plan on aligning with new international Standards?January 2022
What projects should ASB take onto its work plan?December 2021
Can past decisions about materiality affect future accountingNovember 2021
Accountants are more important than everOctober 2021
Should there be a separate classification for non-current assets that are held for sale?September 2021
New IPSAS 17? What may change?August 2021
Does hindsight affect prior years’ financial statements?July 2021
Who should apply Standards of GRAP and the Modified Cash Standard and for how long?June 2021
Resources available to help you prepare your financial statementsMay 2021
Recovering from the pandemicApril 2021
Who wins? The lawyers or the accountants?March 2021
What are the new accounting requirements for 2021?February 2021
News from IPSASB January 2021
“Small entities”: Should there be different GRAP requirements for them?December 2020
New pronouncements issued by the ASBNovember 2020
Are all transactions with more than two parties a principal-agent arrangement?October 2020
Are you aware of the proposed changes to GRAP 25?September 2020
Common mistakes in preparing the cash flow statementAugust 2020
Revision to IPSAS 17 July 2020
Do you know what information the public wants and how to report? June 2020
Annexure to newsletter June 2020 June 2020
Accounting Implications of Covid-19May 2020
Tips to improve the quality of your entity’s financial statementsApril 2020
Linked to Newsletter #1April 2020
When is management a related party?March 2020
Why should heritage assets be reported in the financial statements?February 2020
Do you know what statutory receivables are and how to account for them?January 2020
When will the new IFRS Standards on revenue and leases be adopted in the public sector?December 2019
Is your municipality accounting for housing programmes correctly?November 2019
Are you accounting for land correctly October 2019
Are you ready for the Standards of GRAP effective from 1 April 2019 September 2019
Linked to Newsletter 77-Are you ready for the new ASB pronouncements that are effective from 1 April 2019September 2019
Improving the quality of accounting policiesAugust 2019
Who we prepare financial statements for? July 2019
Disclosure on newly effective Standards of GRAPJune 2019
Should all errors be accounted for using GRAP 3? May 2019
Use of fair value in Standards of GRAPMarch 2019