IPSASB strategy consultation: give your input

An article on IPSASB strategy consultation: Delivering global standards explains the activities the IPSASB plans to undertake during 2024 to 2028 to deliver on their strategic objective. They have posed the following questions to stakeholders related to sustainability reporting standards:

Upon completion of the three pre-committed sustainability reporting standard projects, what are the key public sector sustainability reporting issues the IPSASB should consider adding to its Work Programme?

When answering please provide your rationale as to why the IPSASB should undertake such a project(s).

The consultation document was published by the ASB as a concurrent Exposure Draft (ED 206) and can be accessed on the ASB website. Comment is due by 31 January 2024. Contact elizna@asb.co.za for more information or reply with your comment to info@asb.co.za.

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